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Looking for a good winter read to shake off the doldrums?

Check out these titles by some of our SWA members.



Malcolm R. Campbell

A readers’ advisory for this collection of nine stories forecasts widely scattered ghosts with a chance of rain. Caution is urged at the following uncertain places: an abandoned mental hospital, the woods behind a pleasant subdivision, a small fishing village, a mountain lake, a long-closed theater undergoing restoration, a feared bridge over a swampy river, a historic district street at dusk, the bedroom of a girl who waited until the last minute to write her book report from an allegedly dead author, and the woods near a conjure woman’s house. In effect from the words “light of the harvest moon was brilliant” until the last phrase “forever rest in peace,” this advisory includes—but may not be limited to—the Florida Panhandle, northwest Montana, central Illinois, and eastern Missouri. 

14 Steps

Cappy Hall Rearick

14 Stepsis a reminder that the past is always with us. Like it or not, for good, bad or indifferent, we use it to chart our way as we live our lives. Cassie’s curiosity about what she finds in her husband’s attic, is the vehicle that breathes life into Aynnie, her deceased mother-in-law. As Cassie reads Aynnie’s letters, and touches the keepsakes left behind in an old trunk in the attic, the older woman’s voice rings with such authenticity that it seems to rise off the page. This is clearly Aynnie’s story and the reader will feel every tragedy and triumph of her life as she strips her heart bare in letters to a daughter-in-law she would never meet. Then the question becomes, what will Cassie do with what she learns from Aynnie?

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