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2023 Writers Contests

2023 Contest Winners!

The Hal Bernard Memorial Award for Novel (sponsored by Buzz Bernard)

1st Place – Finding Home – Marlene Buchanan

2nd Place – Sweet Chance – Julie Green


The Vega Award for Speculative Short Fiction (sponsored by Sandra Giles)

1st Place – Thunderbirds, Kraken & Other Dangers to Dragon Reproduction – Amy Wethington   

2nd Place – The Waterhole – Paula Morton  

3rd Place – The Gathering – Susan Lindsley 


The Humor Award (sponsored by Cappy Hall Rearick)

Mail Room Chatter – Susan Lindsley  


Microcosm Award (sponsored by Charlotte Babb)

1st Place – Classics Conference – Julie Green  

2nd Place – Pecan Tree – Marlene Buchanan 


The Lowcountry Award for Excellence in Southern Writing (sponsored by Dana Ridenour)

1st Place – The Hearing – Julie Green 

2nd Place – Southern Girl – Denise Shahan 


Young Reader Fiction (sponsored by Eye on the Page, LLC- Jim Furry)

1st Place – Broken Time – Amy Wethington

2nd Place – Wet Noses and Watering Roses – Denise Shahan

Crime/Police Procedural (sponsored by Lynn Hesse)

1st Place – Call Me Sonny – Steve Lazarus

2nd Place – Cypher – Marlene Buchanan  


Herbert Shippey Award for Excellence in Southern Poetry (sponsored by Jeff Newberry) 

The Fortune Teller – Julie Green

Lighthouse Writing Prompt Award (sponsored by Amy Wethington)  

1st Place – Go to Jail or Go to Hell – Susan Lindsley 

2nd Place – Sorrow Road – Lynn Hesse 

3rd Place – Unzipped – Paula Morton 

3rd Place – The Caretaker – Marlene Buchanan

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