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2021 Contest Winners

The Hal Bernard Memorial Award for Novel

(sponsored by Buzz Bernard)

1. Where the Blacktop Ends – Candace Carter
2. Mia Zia Italian Misadventures – Muriel Pritchett
3. Being Blue – Kasie Whitener
HM Banshee’s Wail – Terry Friedman

HM In Her Enemies’ House – Sherri Stewart


The Vega Award for Speculative Short Fiction

(sponsored by Sandra Giles)
1. Xtabay Wulf Moon
2. Kalar and the Giant Ginny Shephard
3. Killed or Injured Susan Lindsley


The Award for Excellence in Inspirational Writing

(sponsored by Mary Stripling)
1. Grieving over Purses – Martha Thwaite Weeks
2. My Pandemic Uprising – Sheri Denkensohn
3. When I am Dead – Susan Lindsley


The Humor Award

(sponsored by Authors Ignite)
1. Bring on the Ravens – Terry Friedman
2. Dream On – Leah Miller

Microcosm Award

(sponsored by Charlotte Henley Babb)

1. Who’s Joey -  Ginny Shephard

2. Lilith and the Thronguk  Wulf Moon

3. Uncanny  Shannon Fox

HM (Un) Broken Pipe -Susan Lindsley

Young Adult/Midgrade Award

(sponsored by Amy Wethington)
1. Aliens Spurlock – Muriel Pritchett
2. Ford the Pacholet – Richard Meehan


Award for Historical Fiction

(sponsored by Jim Furry & Eye on the Page)
1. Murder on Parade – Susan Lindsley
2. White Smoke – Wulf Moon


The Lowcountry Award for Excellence in Southern Writing

(sponsored by Dana Ridenour)
1. Detour – Martha Thwaite Weeks
2. The Anniversary – Allen Stevenson
3. The Man Inside – John MacIlroy


The Amy Munnell Award for Character Essays

(sponsored by Cappy Hall Rearick)
1. Three Buses – John MacIlroy
2. Flannery – Susan Lindsley
3. Jersey Shrimper – Teri Ward


The Southern Pen Bookshop First Novel Award

(sponsored by Vickie Bley)
1. Death Rides in Autumn – Shannon Fox
2. Bone Pendant Girls – Terry Friedman
3. Driftweaver – Wulf Moon

Writers Helping Writers Award recipient

CD Mitchell is being honored for his generous donation of his time and talents last October (2020) in leading a four-part writer workshop series.


Winners 2020 SWA Annual Writing Contest

The Hal Bernard Memorial Award

First Place: Robert Herold for Moonlight Becomes You

Second Place: Lynn Hesse for A Matter of Respect

Third Place (tie): Denise Roosendaal for Barefoot Over Broken Glass

Third Place (tie): Ryan Jo Summers for Flashes of Lightning

Honorable Mention: M.A. Naatz for Killing Unicorns



The Purcell Award for Best Novel by First-Time Entry

First Place:  Robert Herold for Moonlight Becomes You



The Vega Award for Speculative Fiction

First Place: L.N. Passmore for  "Moonshine and the Zombie Cats" 

Second Place: Ryan Jo Summers for  "Wishing on Time" 

Third Place: Susan Lindsley for  "The Mason Jar" 



The Bill Westhead Award

First Place: Gary P. Jones for  "My Love Affair with the Navy "

Second Place: Jan Walker for  "The Barber" 



The Award for Excellence in Inspirational Writing

First Place: James R. Brooks for  "One Old Man" 

Second Place: Sheri Denkensohn for  "Double Mourning During the Time of Coronavirus"

Third Place: Ryan Jo Summers for  "Praising through the Pain" 



The George Thomas Youngblood Award for Short Stories

First Place: Micki Morency for  "Fatal Fare"

Second Place: James R. Brooks for  "A Trapping Bond"

Third Place: Susan Lindsley for  "The Old Lady and the Wooden Spools"



The Humor Award

First Place: Susan Lindsey for  "Flower of the Fleet"

Second Place: Sheri Denkensohn for  "Hawaiian Adventure"


Flash Fiction Contest

First Place: L.N. Passmore for  "But Momma" 

Second Place: Micki Morency for  "Vanishing Color" 

Third Place: Susan Lindsley for  "Halloween Party"


Young Adult/Midgrade Award

First Place: Susan Antony for It Happened on Thunder Road

Second Place: Susan Lindsley for  "Robbie and a Car Named Bradley"

Third Place: Heather Trim for  Wingspan (Book 3)



Historical Fiction Award

First Place: Susan Lindsley for "A Saturday Afternoon in Georgia" 

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