The Winners of the

2020 SWA Annual Contest


The Hal Bernard Memorial Award

First Place:           Robert Herold for Moonlight Becomes You

Second Place:               Lynn Hesse for A Matter of Respect

Third Place (tie):          Denise Roosendaal for Barefoot Over Broken Glass

Third Place (tie):          Ryan Jo Summers for Flashes of Lightning

Honorable Mention:    M.A. Naatz for Killing Unicorns


The Purcell Award for Best Novel by First-Time Entry

First Place:           Robert Herold for Moonlight Becomes You


The Vega Award for Speculative Fiction

First Place:           L.N. Passmore for  "Moonshine and the Zombie Cats" 

Second Place:               Ryan Jo Summers for  "Wishing on Time" 

Third Place:                 Susan Lindsley for  "The Mason Jar" 


The Bill Westhead Award

First Place:           Gary P. Jones for  "My Love Affair with the Navy "

Second Place:               Jan Walker for  "The Barber"


The Award for Excellence in Inspirational Writing

First Place:           James R. Brooks for  "One Old Man" 

Second Place:               Sheri Denkensohn for  "Double Mourning During the Time of Coronavirus"

Third Place:                  Ryan Jo Summers for  "Praising through the Pain" 


The George Thomas Youngblood Award for Short Stories

First Place:               Micki Morency for  "Fatal Fare"

Second Place:               James R. Brooks for  "A Trapping Bond"

Third Place:                 Susan Lindsley for  "The Old Lady and the Wooden Spools"


The Humor Award

First Place:           Susan Lindsey for  "Flower of the Fleet"

Second Place:               Sheri Denkensohn for  "Hawaiian Adventure"


Flash Fiction Contest

First Place:           L.N. Passmore for  "But Momma" 

Second Place:               Micki Morency for  "Vanishing Color" 

Third Place:                  Susan Lindsley for  "Halloween Party"


Young Adult/Midgrade Award

First Place:           Susan Antony for It Happened on Thunder Road

Second Place:               Susan Lindsley for  "Robbie and a Car Named Bradley"

Third Place:                 Heather Trim for  Wingspan (Book 3)


Historical Fiction Award

First Place:           Susan Lindsley for "A Saturday Afternoon in Georgia"

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