Meet the 2020 Faculty


Piper Huguley

Fiction, Historical, Characters


We're excited to have Piper join us this year. She'll give you tips on historical research, characterization, and how to whip that novel into shape. 

Amy Collins - edited.jpg

Amy Collins

Marketing and Selling

Want to take your book sales and marketing to the next level? Amy will teach you everything you need to sell your books. 


Michael Lucker


Michael will be returning to discuss screenwriting. Imagine having your story on the big screen. Michael can give you the insights and tips to help get you there.


Bill Blume

World-building, Characters

Whether you're writing sci-fi/fantasy, or mainstream contemporary, you need to build your world. Bill will explain how to create a believable setting, and what to do with your characters once they're there.


Steve Kistulentz

Poetry and Poetic Prose

Make your writing shine. Whether or not you're a fan of reading and writing poetry, you can learn how to beef up your prose with imagery and language. Steve will have all tools you need to make your writing come alive.


Rhonda Penders

Owner, The Wild Rose Press

Get that pitch ready! Rhonda will take one-on-one meetings with you. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet her and sell that book.